Pia Malouf

B Psych (Hons), M Psych (Clin)
Clinical Psychologist

Pia Malouf is a down-to-earth psychologist that collaborates with her clients in a compassionate and non-judgemental way, integrating approaches from a number of therapeutic styles to provide evidence-based therapy that best suits her client’s needs. Some of these therapeutic styles include CBT, ACT, and DBT. Pia has specialist training in assessment and management of gender dysphoria from her time at The Gender Centre. She also has experience working with a variety of clinical presentations across the lifespan, including mood and anxiety disorders, stress, adjustment difficulties, relationship issues, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, and parenting difficulties. Additionally, Pia conducts psychometric assessments to assess cognitive ability, Specific Learning Disorders, ADHD, and Autism.

Dr James Morandini
Clinic Director

Dr James Morandini is the clinic director, and provides a rangepsychological services to children, adolescents, and adults. Heprovides specialist assessment, diagnosis, and management ofchildhood and adolescent gender dysphoria. He also providesassessment and diagnosis for gender dysphoria in adults and canprovide WPATH medical letters where appropriate. James also has afocus on matters of sexual orientation, including overcoming shame,relationship difficulties, and exploring identity confusion. Morebroadly James utilises CBT, DBT, and Schema Therapy in treatingmood and anxiety issues, as well as personality disorders.