Martin Badway

Master of Speech & Language Pathology
Bachelor Music Studies (Voice)
Bachelor Health Science (Hearing & Speech)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Cross Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics
Speech Pathologist

Martin Badway is a Master of Speech Pathology graduate and a practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. He has a special interest in Clinical Laryngology. This includes voice and swallowing disorders of a neurological, neurogenic, and functional nature, pre and post surgical rehabilitation of the voice as well as organic pathologies. Martin also completed the 'The Voice Therapy Spectrum' which qualifies him to use the gold-standard in voice therapies including Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice, Casper-Stone Flow, and the Adventures in Voice Program for vocal fold nodules.

Formerly a classical singer, with an undergraduate degree in music from the Sydney Conservatorium, he is in a unique position to apply his knowledge of healthy singing techniques and vocal pedagogy as part of evidence-based practice to treat individuals across the gender spectrum as they discover a voice that is congruent with their identity. He provides personal development and clinical training sessions to disseminate his own methods of voice therapy for gender-voice to other gender voice practices and sole clinicians in Australia. He regularly undertakes professional development and supervision with leading clinicians in the country and is an attendee and member of The Laryngology Society of Australasia. Martin is involved in a holistic model of care that combines speech pathology with surgical intervention by leading otolaryngologists to achieve pitch and resonance changes for both trans-masculine and trans-feminine individuals. As a singer who understands vocal science he is able to treat both transmasculine and transfeminine individuals as well as those on the gender spectrum because he is able to model the desired outcomes for his patients at the target higher pitches.

At King Street Psychology Clinic Martin practices as part of a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists and psychiatrists who provide evidence-based care. He is therefore not only culturally informed but also exposed to the latest research on gender and sexuality and therefore able to treat gender voice in a holistic way.  At King Street Psychology he sees patients face-to-face or via Telehealth and runs the monthly ‘Foundations of Transformation/feminisation’ voice workshops and the gender spectrum choir ‘Transposition’.

Services Include:
- Gender Spectrum Voice Care, including voice feminisation/masculinisation, gender affirming voice care
- Accent Modification
- Professional Voice Users
- Fluency – Stuttering
- Swallowing Difficulty
- Social Skills Assessment for adolescents (13+) and adults including tests for social-pragmatic strengths and weaknesses

Dr James Morandini
Clinic Director

Dr James Morandini is the clinic director, and provides a rangepsychological services to children, adolescents, and adults. Heprovides specialist assessment, diagnosis, and management ofchildhood and adolescent gender dysphoria. He also providesassessment and diagnosis for gender dysphoria in adults and canprovide WPATH medical letters where appropriate. James also has afocus on matters of sexual orientation, including overcoming shame,relationship difficulties, and exploring identity confusion. Morebroadly James utilises CBT, DBT, and Schema Therapy in treatingmood and anxiety issues, as well as personality disorders.