Welcome to our Group
Therapy Sessions.

At King Street Psychology Clinic we are committed to innovative and engaging treatments. We provide a range of therapy groups for young people and adults. All of our groups are inclusive and safe for sexuality and gender diverse clients.

Please note that our groups are offered in response to demand. If there are no dates listed for the group you are interested in, you can register your interest on the page for that group. Your details will be added to our waiting list which means you will be contacted if/when an event is being planned for that group. 

Upcoming Events

Mastering Masculinity

A 60-minute workshop for people who would like to explore developing a manly sound. Learn voice-care gold-standard therapy techniques to use during testosterone transformation.

Finding Femininity

A 60-minute workshop to practice your new skills and take the next step towards your voice transformation. This is for those who have completed 'foundations of transformation and/or 'foundations of feminisation'.

Foundations of Transformation

A 60-minute lecture and workshop teaching the basic principles and techniques associated with learning how to find and maintain your vocal identity. This is helpful before commencing voice therapy with a qualified speech pathologist.

PEERS social skills group

PEERS is the leading evidence-based social skills intervention program for teenagers and young adults with social challenges.

Mindful Pleasure

This program is for all Women (18+) who experience distressingly low levels of sexual desire or reduced pleasure during sexual experiences. This includes ciswomen, transwomen, and non-binary femme folks, regardless of age, cultural background, or sexual orientation.

Minecraft Social Skills

Minecraft Social Skills is a program for neurodiverse teens and adults who seek to make friends, develop social skills and exercise their creativity through a teamwork experience in the world of Minecraft

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for adolescents (13-17) who are gender diverse/questioning

Dungeons and Dragons Social groups

Transgender/Gender-Questioning 101

This parent information group helps parents with evidence-based information to navigate how to support their transgender or gender-questioning adolescents (age 10-17)

Tuning into Teens

A tailored eight-session parenting program for parents of trans/ gender-diverse and gender questioning adolescents aged 13-17